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DTA report a ‘fantastic’ Crufts

DOG THEFT Action, the leading anti-dog theft group were out in force at this year’s Crufts and declared it to be a "fantastic event" that "really helped to raise the whole issue of getting dog theft taken seriously" with the general dog-owning public.

DTA were granted an official stand this year, free of charge by the Kennel Club who are fully supportive of DTA’s activities and who are working closely with them on pushing forward initiatives to combat dog theft in the UK.

During the course of the four day show, the stand was manned by DTA Co-ordinator Margaret Nawrockyi and Stand Manager Nikki Powditch, who were joined on various of the days by DTA Advisors Brian Milligan (Dog Warden), Ken McKie (WAG), Robert Killick (OUR DOGS columnist), Neil Ewart (GDBA), Jo Coulson (Vet), Duncan Askew (Hertfordshire Police), Nick Mays (OUR DOGS Chief Reporter and DTA Chairman) Andy Watts (HM Prison Service) and sniffer dog Mason, along with TV personality and dog trainer Carolyn Monteith and the inimitable Allen Parton and Assistance Dog Endal.

DTA Associates Sheena Stratton, Catherine Nawrockyi, Derek Coulson, Cory Milligan and OUR DOGS reporters Polly King and Heather Harley also joined them.

Margaret Nawrockyi commented: "DTA are extremely grateful to the Kennel Club for their generosity in providing us with a stand at this marvellous show. It was a tremendous opportunity for us to bring our message to the public’s attention and discuss related issues, like Jester’s Law.

We very much appreciate the support offered to us by visitors to Crufts despite the fact that many were extremely busy with other aspects of the show.

"We would like to extend special thanks to KC External Affairs Manager Phil Buckley for his unstinting support and patience in helping us to attend the greatest dog show in the world."