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Seeing spots! Homes sought for eight Dalmatians

Dogs Trust’s Rehoming Centre at Roden is looking for homes for eight gorgeous young Dalmatians. The spot splattered beauties are named after the famous Disney film. Pongo, Disney, Purdy, Perdita, Cru, Ella, Oddball, and Roger Radcliff, and are all aged between three and five years old.

Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Roden is now looking for suitable homes for all eight dogs. Rehoming Centre Manager Louise Campbell says:

“It is very unusual for us to have so many pure bred Dalmatians in the centre. They are beautiful creatures and we need to find them loving homes as soon as possible. We are looking for people specifically who have experience of the breed. The dogs are very nervous and will need a lot of attention, patience and TLC over the next few weeks.”

Dalmatians were originally bred to run alongside horse drawn carriages and therefore have vast amounts of stamina and energy. They need lots of exercise and companionship and would suit a home with older children where they will get lots of attention and walks.

Although the dogs will need to spend a few more days at the centre so that they can be fed up, neutered and have proper examination from the vet, the centre is very keen to meet with people who think they can offer a home to any of the dogs. Anyone interested should call Dogs Trust on 01952 770 225.

The dogs had spent seven months in a boarding kennel after their owner, a Dalmatian breeder from Yorkshire, had been taken ill. Dogs Trust says this is sadly what can happen if dog owners are taken ill, and urges all pet owners, particularly senior citizens, to make provisions for this.