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ACDB Slam KC’s ‘damp squid’ response on docking ban

THE COUNCIL of Docked Breeds has hit back angrily at the Kennel Club’s response to the Docking Bill, slamming both the lateness and apparent limpness of the response, likening the KC’s position to that of a "damp squid", and one of apparently abandoning the majority of dog owners who wish to own docked dogs.

CDB Chairman Peter Squires told OUR DOGS: "The CDB has expressed surprise at the contents of the Position on Tail Docking release, issued by the KC on Tuesday, which completely ignores 80% of those affected by the proposed Bill.

"The KC says that it ‘very much welcomes on welfare grounds, the exemption for working dogs which equates to around 20% of those currently docked’, but does not mention the over 60% which are also docked to avoid tail damage and around 10% which are docked for hygiene reasons. Does it not have a view on the 80% it fails to mention?"

The CDB accuses the KC of making a position statement which concentrates on the showing aspect of the minority and ignores "the very real Animal Welfare concerns of the majority, whilst also offering to police the Bill on behalf of DEFRA.

"We look forward to further clarification from the KC, but seven days to produce a damp squid, does not look encouraging," concluded Squires.

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