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The Kennel Club Regional Question Times

As part of the Kennel Club’s ongoing commitment to encourage open communication between it and the dog activities and enthusiasts that it represents, the ninth in the series of the Kennel Club’s Question Time sessions was held in April at The Showground, Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The Kennel Club Question Times evolved from discussions through the Canine Events Conference and through listening to comments and suggestions from exhibitors, competitors and others involved in showing and working their dogs.

The Newark event attracted one of the highest attendances of eighty people and questions were posed to a Kennel Club panel consisting of: Ronnie Irving – Chairman, Bill Hardaway – Vice Chairman, Rosemary Smart – Chief Executive, Caroline Kisko – Secretary and Kathryn Symns – Assistant Secretary.

Typically, questions were posed on a broad range of issues, from docking, Crufts security and order of judging, the value of Reserve Challenge Certificates, Club disputes, KC practices and procedures, dogs in cars, judging critiques and Obedience regulations.

Said Rosemary Smart, Chief Executive of the Kennel Club, "We were delighted at the Newark attendance and, once again, discussion was full and thorough. It is always good for us to learn directly of concerns and it also helps us to put minds at rest on some of the issues that are raised. Where possible, we’ll continue to do all we can to assist with the various points and in many instances take various initiatives to the Kennel Club Committees for their consideration and feedback."

Further ‘Regional Question Times’ will take place throughout 2006 and the next is being arranged for the CLA Game Fair in July, with a further event being planned in the North West of England in the Autumn.