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Man sentenced for cruelty

An Essex dog owner has been given an eight-week prison sentence for causing unnecessary suffering to his three dogs.

Wayne Lee, of Woodham Walter Caravan Park, Maldon, admitted causing sufferng to his two Springer Spaniels and a Staffordshire bull terrier when he appeared before Chelmsford Magistrates.

The court heard that RSPCA Chief Inspector Beth Clements arrived at the caravan site to find the dogs tied up outside. They were very underweight and suffering from skin conditions. The male Staffordshire bull terrier, named Blue, was almost bald.

Chief Inspector Clements warned them about the condition of the dogs and made an appointment for him to take them to a vet, but when he failed to keep the appointment she returned and took the dogs into RSPCA care.

Blue, and the male and female Spaniels - named Fat Boy and Lottie, have all been found loving new homes.

CI Clements said: "This man was given every chance to take proper care of his dogs and he failed to do so. Prosecution was the only option left to us."

Lee, who is already serving a prison sentence for another unrelated offence, was also banned for five years from keeping any animal.