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Obituary: Peter Francis Green (FOSSCOTT)
5th July 1929 – 22nd April 2006

Peter Green was born in Calstock, Cornwall, and was a very ‘patriotic’ Cornishman. His early life was spent in the West Country, where he went to school, then took up an apprenticeship at Devonport Dockyard as a Coppersmith - a trade he loved all his life and which he extended even in later life to making copper ornaments.

On completion of his apprenticeship he was called up for National Service and spent 2 years in the Royal Navy on HMS Devonshire, an Officer training ship. He considered that to be an experience of a lifetime, visiting the Caribbean, Norway, Mediterranean as well as many places in the U.K whilst in service.

He returned to work at the Dockyard after completion of National Service, continuing his trade as a Coppersmith. From early years Pete loved sport, especially football, and played for Tavistock Football Club for a time.

In 1953 he met and fell in love with Margaret, and they became engaged in April 1954. He found a Coppersmith’s job in Coventry in 1955, and trebled his wages overnight, although it meant leaving his much loved West Country. In March of that year the ‘young lovers’ decided they did not want to be apart any more and got married on the 18th June 1955. They celebrated their Golden Wedding last year.

Early married life was in furnished flats in Coventry until 1958, when they bought their first house, living there until 1973, when they moved to out of town to Fosse Cottage Farm (later to become Fosscott Kennels). During this time Pete worked on rocket development at Rolls Royce. In the mid seventies he started lecturing at Coventry Technical College until a few years later when he became fully occupied in running the Fosscott Quarantine and Boarding Kennels.

All his life Pete loved animals, and in the 1970’s had become hooked on showing English Setters. He was a Founder Member of the Midland English Setter Society and judged the breed at Championship level. The mid 80’s saw the introduction of the Brittany into the household, soon after the breed came into the UK, and gradually they took over from the Setters. Pete loved country pursuits and particularly game hunting. He was so enthusiastic and proud of the Brittany breed for their aptitude in this activity. Pete had very strong views on keeping the breed dual purpose, and was not afraid to voice them

Peter and Margaret Green were at the forefront of establishing the Brittany in the UK, and Pete was very much a ‘hands on’ shooting man and dog trainer. He did not trial his dogs to any great extent, preferring to take them shooting on his own grounds, or the syndicate he shared with shooting friends. However, he still loved to go to Shows and was always proud to win, especially as Fosscott became top winning kennel for several years. He judged at Championship level in this breed, too, from when it was given status in 1997, and was due to judge Crufts in 2008 - but he will surely be ‘watching’ whoever takes his place!

On retirement from the Kennels the move was made to a smaller property in Northamptonshire, and then in 2003 Peter and Margaret decided to move to the peace of Southern Ireland, much to the chagrin of the friends they left behind. But remoteness (and perhaps missing their friends?) brought them back to the beautiful countryside of Mid-Wales where Pete happily spent his last 18 months, upgrading the property, as he had done with all their previous homes.

He spent many happy hours in his workshop and loved showing visitors this part of their home as much as any other. I will always remember Pete in overalls, dressed just exactly as he went to his maker on 2nd May. Pete had a good old-fashioned country wake, celebrating his life, with his many friends keeping Margaret company.

Although they bred many Champions afterwards, Pete’s once in a lifetime dog was Tain, (Sh Ch Fosscott Hautain - the first Breed Champion in the UK), who adored Pete as much as Tain was loved by Pete, and he was devastated when Tain died. They are now together and I am sure all their friends will join with me in a toast, and wish them "GOOD HUNTING THE PAIR OF YOU!"
Our Club events will never be the same. We will all miss you, Pete

Anne Massie
Hon Treasurer, The Brittany Club of Great Britain