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Demonstration disrupts Greyhound Awards dinner

Campaigners outside the hotel in Kildare

Representatives of the Irish Greyhound racing industry were forced to run the gauntlet of greyhound protection campaigners as they arrived at the Keadeen Hotel, Kildare for an awards ceremony hosted by the Irish Greyhound Racing Board (Bord Na gCon) last Sunday.

Leading greyhound welfare organisation Greyhound Action organised the demonstration in protest at the suffering and slaughter of many thousands of dogs caused it claims by the greyhound racing industry. The protest included the group’s own trophy presentation award to officials of the IGB, namely ‘Dog Killers of the Year’ award.

Bernie Wright, spokesperson for Greyhound Action Ireland, told OUR DOGS: ‘We weren't going to let the Irish Greyhound Board get away with their wining, dining and mutual back-slapping without vociferously bringing home to them exactly what we think about their disgusting so-called ‘sport’ that makes them all a nice living from the ruthless persecution of innocent creatures.

‘These dogs are killed, either because they are not suitable for racing or because their racing careers are over. Each year well over 25,000 greyhounds are bred in Ireland, mostly to supply the demands of the Irish racing industry. The vast majority of these dogs will be disposed of by the industry before they are 3 or 4 years old.

‘Those which are 'put to sleep' by a vet can count themselves lucky. Many are just abandoned or are killed by a variety of horrific methods, such as clubbing, drowning or injection with poisonous substances. Many Greyhounds are having their ears sliced, burned or hacked off in ever increasing numbers to avoid identification when dumped. These are being found both dead and alive.’

The Bord Na Cgon declined to comment on the demonstration.