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Kennel hand ‘the best’

A kennel hand whose efforts at work have gone far beyond the call of duty has been rewarded for her dedication.

Jo-Anne Craven who works for White Farm Kennels was presented with the Kennel Hand of The Year award. The event was organised by the Northern Greyhound Association and Miss Craven, who is head kennel hand at White Farm, walked away with an impressive trophy and £500.

Miss Craven, of Broadacres, Durkar, said: "It was brilliant to win the award and I feel really honoured. I love all kinds of animals, especially dogs, and I really enjoy my job because it means I get to do something I love every day."

Miss Craven has been working at the kennels for 14 years and was nominated for the award by the Sheffield Dog Track, where she takes many of the greyhounds from White Farm.

She added: "My job involves all of the day-to-day general care and maintenance of the animals, from walking and exercising, to feeding and grooming.

And this is not the first time the 28-year-old has been rewarded for her commitment to the job.

Last year her boss, Mona Wainwright, nominated her for the National Kennel Hand of the Year awards, in which she came runner-up. Mrs Wainwright said: "I nominated Jo-Anne last year because the work she does is fantastic.”