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Greyhound doping scandal – report calls for fresh approach

A REPORT into the activities of the Irish Greyhound Racing Board - Bord na gCon - is said to have called for a fresh approach to the way business is conducted at the sport’s governing body.

The report found that the recent controversial dismissal of its chief executive would not have stood up to a legal challenge.

The Irish Government’s Comptroller & Auditor General will now investigate a number of other issues.

The report by a former top civil servant, Tim Dalton, was ordered after chief executive Aidan Tynan had been sacked in January, following a row with the Board’s chairman Paschal Taggart.

It followed a complaint by Mr Tynan to the Minister for Sport, John O'Donoghue, that certain doping test results on greyhounds had not been published.

The Dalton Report is due to be released, but it is believed that the inquiry found that Mr Tynan's dismissal would not have stood up to a legal challenge.

The report recommends that testing of dogs now be vested in an independent three person committee, and that results and penalties against owners and trainers who ‘dope’ their greyhounds must be published.

It says in future the chairman should be appointed for a maximum of ten years, and not with the present open-ended arrangement.

The report says there is evidence of tensions and very low morale at Bord na gCon which needs to be tackled, as well as addressing the extent to which the board resorts to litigation to resolve conflict needs to be addressed.

In a statement, Paschal Taggart said he and his colleagues had not yet received a copy of the report. Taggart said coverage in the Irish media appeared to be what he called "at variance" with indications he had received from the report's author, Tim Dalton, during his investigation.

A spokesperson for the Minister said he would not be commenting on media reports concerning the report until he brings the report before Cabinet in the coming weeks.