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Staffords top stolen dogs list

THE Missing Pets Bureau recently reported that of the average 900 dogs stolen in the UK every week, a staggering 40% of all reported to the Bureau are Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

The plight of one of those Staffords was aired on The Paul O’Grady Show recently. A gang made off with 12 week old Roxy by sending a number of 'salesmen' to the front door while another group lured her away from the garden – in full view of onlooking neighbours.

Roxy's owner Nicky Sampson retold her family's heartbreaking experience: "If anyone knew what they’d put us through! I have no idea why anyone would want to steal a dog like this. What can they do with her? Sell her for a few hundred quid? It’s just awful. I hope no other pet owner ever has to go through what we have this week."

The Missing Pets Bureau now has 91,000 pets registered nationwide and reports a 50% rise in the number of dogs reported stolen during 2004 - 2005.