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Bailiffs to repossess dogs?

A DRAFT – some would say daft - Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill that is being considered by the Government will entitle enforcement agents (Bailiffs) to break into private dwellings using a warrant, use force against occupiers, invite third parties on to premises (unqualified helpers to carry away goods) and seize money or goods found on premises, including pets.

Opponents of the idea have argued that if a dog or any domestic animal were to be seized under the auspices of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill by an enforcement agent, what duty of care would the Bailiff have in regard to the pet – particular in the light of the soon-to-be-enacted Animal Welfare Bill and it’s inbuilt ‘duty of care’. Questions as to where any pets would be held and whether those pets are subsequently sold and what would happen to unsold pets have also been raised.