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Campaigner becomes dog to raise dog theft issue

A VICTIM of dog theft has been driven to desperate measures to raise awareness about the problem. Nicola Irving, whose dog Ralph was stolen earlier this year from Ilford, Essex, visited Parliament recently to drum up some publicity for the thousands of cases of dog theft that remain unresolved in the UK.

‘On the May 5th our black and white Springer Spaniel was stolen since this terrible day our life has stopped. Me and my daughter Emily-Ann, who is ten years old will not give up on Ralph,’ said Nicola.

‘We have put up 1500 posters and 1500 leaflets through doors. I have hand written 1000 letters. We are on dog rescue websites. We have been on Paul O'Grady’s Internet slot as well as the Richard and Judy show. We’ve been on Essex Radio Live on air twice.’

The mother and daughter team have featured in many dog magazines and dog newspapers and also have been on the front page for of their local newspaper, the Ilford recorder twice. Together with some friends the indomitable due went to the Houses of Parliament during the summer, dressed as dogs, to raise awareness of the growing problem of dog theft.

Nicola adds: ‘All we were trying to do is try and make the public aware of dog theft. My MP Lee Scott has now agreed to help me in any way he can. Dog Theft Action and Debbie Mathews of Vets Get Scanning invited me to discover dog at Earls Court last weekend and we helped them to put their message across.’