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Chihuahua stolen

A FAMILY in South London have been struck by dognappers who stole a Chihuahua after she had escaped briefly from her house.

Elaine Edwards believes Chihuahua Betty was stolen by thieves because she is a pure breed and could be worth up to £1,500 to opportunistic crooks.

She said: "I think that someone has seen her, realised what her breed is and how much Chihuahuas are worth and taken her. Lots of celebrities own them now and because of the hype around them they are really expensive and are being advertised for up to £1,500."

Betty escaped from Elaine's home in Camberwellon October 31. A neighbour apparently saw a white car stop in the middle of the road, pick her up and then drive off.

She has reported the theft to the police and plastered the streets around her home with more than 50 posters.

Anyone with information can call Elaine on 07858 758 844.