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Puppies stolen

Potential dog owners are being urged to beware after five pedigree puppies were stolen from a shed.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies were taken from a home in Chalk Lane, Sutton Bridge on November 2nd. Officers think the thieves will try to sell the two dogs and three bitches on for profit, leaving the new owners open to trouble.

A police spokesman said: "If you are found with an animal, which is believed to have been stolen, the animal will be returned to its rightful owner, you will not be entitled to compensation for the cost of keeping the dog or money you may have paid for the dog and you may even be prosecuted."

Police want to hear from anyone who can recall seeing any suspicious vehicles or people in Sutton Bridge on Thursday evening or who has been approached to purchase a pedigree Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy.

Anyone with information should contact Lincolnshire police on 01522 532222 quoting incident number 29 of October 27.