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2006 Rabart Superpup
on Saturday 21st October 2006 at The Blackburn Hall, Rothwell, Leeds

If you ever doubted the resilience and resoluteness of dog folk you should have been in the car park of the Blackburn Hall in Morley at 6 o'clock on the evening of Saturday 21st October.

For reasons best known to themselves the landlord, Leeds City Council, failed to get the hall opened up in the afternoon for the organisers to get the venue set up for Pudsey Ringcraft Club's Royal Canin Superpup competition. At 6 o' clock, the scheduled start time, everyone had turned up. Everyone that is except someone with a key! The car park was full with exhibitors, dogs, organisers, judge and guests.

Then a security man turned up with the key and what followed was amazing. A team of volunteers went in with the organisers whilst everyone else stayed outside in their cars with their dogs, cages etc so as not to get under the feet. Within an hour the hall had been transformed from one set out for a concert to one set out for a dog show. At 7 o'clock everything was ready. As usual the first thing on the agenda was the meal and never was it more deserved.

Attending for the last time was Barry Medforth of Rabart Fine Art. Barry has sponsored this event since the start and he was there to present a specially commissioned Worcester plate decorated with a portrait of last year's winning puppy, a Russian Black Terrier, to the winning owner. The judge was Johan Huibers from Holland and like all judges for this event, he had come at his own expense.

There were 27 entries with only one absentee. They were representing clubs from as far apart as Anglian Boxer Club and Border Counties Hound Club and individuals had travelled from as far away as Gretna Green

The first round is on a match basis but the winners are only announced after all the matches have been completed. These winners are then called in and the judge then selects the Superpup 2006 and then a runner-up. This year the winner was the Giant Schnauzer Foxwood Indesputable At Barnsdale representing Wombwell & District Canine Society. He is owned by Mr M & Mrs J Houchin of Barnsley and was expertly handled by their daughter Hannah. The runner-up was Mrs A Forsyth's Toy Poodle Micador Moona Pom Pom representing Craven Canine Association. All the losers are then brought back in and the best is chosen as the Plate winner. This year it was a Welsh Springer Spaniel Mrs CL Clarke's Tigerrock Eye Of The Tiger representing Newton Aycliffe Canine Society

At the end of the evening no one went home empty handed as there was something for everyone from sponsors Royal Canin and Our Dogs as well as specials for the overall winners.

I never heard one complaint all evening about the late start but one thing is for certain. There won't be a problem with keys for the Blackburn Hall next time because both Pudsey's competitions, Golden Oldie and Superpup, will be at a new venue, in Thorpe Willoughby, near Selby.

In spite of the problem start, at least one exhibitor was pleased. She'd been showing down south and then travelled north and encountered traffic problems. It's an ill will that doesn't blow somebody some good!

Judge’s report

It was a great honour to be asked by the Pudsey & District Ringcraft Club to judge the Royal Canin Superpup Competition 2006 on 21 Oct 2006. I was very pleased with the quality of the pups.

My superpup was the Giant Schnauzer Foxwood In Desput at Barndale owned by Mr & Mrs M & J Houchin, very well handled by a young girl, a very good partnership.

My runner up was the Welsh Springer Spaniel Tigerrock Eye of the Tiger owned by Mrs C L Clarke. Plate winner was Mrs A Forsyth’s Toy Poodle Micadoor Moona Pom Pom. I
would like to thank the commitee for asking me to judge and for the warm hospitality given to me during the weekend, and to each exhibitor, I hope that every pup grows up to be a successful dog.

J G J Huibers

Pudsey Ringcraft's ‘Royal Canin’ Superpup 2006 was the Giant Schnauzer Foxwood Indesputable at Barnsdale owned by Mr M & Mrs J Houchin and handled by Hannah Houchin. Both are seen here with the judge Johan Huibers of The Netherlands.

Runner-up was Mrs A Forsyth's Toy Poodle Micador Moona Pom Pom

‘Royal Canin’ Superpup 2006 the Giant Schnauzer Foxwood Indesputable at Barnsdale seen with (l-r) Melinda Broadbent (representing Royal Canin), judge Johan Huibers, secretary Christine Cooper and Eileen Jackson (Our Dogs)

Plate winner was Mrs CL Clarke's Welsh Springer Spaniel Tigerrock Eye Of The Tiger

Rabart Fine Art commission a Royal Worcester plate decorated with a portrait of the winning puppy and here Steven Finn makes the presentation of last year's winner the Russian Black Terrier Robroyd Evdokim to secretary Christine Cooper who received it on behalf of the owner