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The Horse and Dog Spectacular - Dortmund

Best In Show at the Centenary Show

The German Kennel Club, the VDH, held a huge celebration of all things canine last weekend
in Dortmund, Germany, writes Vince Hogan.

A crowd of approximately 75,000 attended across all three days which gave the whole event a Crufts like feel.

Coupled with a dog show which had attracted about 12,000 dogs, there were nearly 300 horses on show and two separate arenas where all day canine and equine events took place. In addition to the show rings there was a multitude of other activities taking place over the hectic three day period.

There was a reasonable international attendance and a particularly strong UK presence both in terms of judges (including Ronnie Irving, Ann Arch, Michael Quinney and many others) and exhibitors....many of whom had very good results at both shows.

On Friday, the VDH squeezed their usual 3 day Bundessieger Show into 1 day which meant the BIS judged by Wilfried Peper, took place at about 8 pm, a marathon day which saw Robin Martials (France) Afghan Hound top the lot.

Saturday and Sunday were the days when the actual Centenary Show took place, and perhaps not unsurprisingly a German owned German Shepherd took top spot... Zamp vom Thermodos was put through by honorary President Mr Uwe Fischer.

A notable sponsorship with Deutsche Bank made a significant impact on the show and was a welcome partner from outside the normal world of dogs. Overall it was an impressive event staged by the VDH which also hosted a glittering gala dinner for 500 people on the Saturday night, fronted by new President Christofer Habig who ably spoke both in German and English and made some very interesting comments, more of which will follow in this paper.

The Our Dogs team were there in force and a full report by Lorna Hastings and photos by Lorna, Vince Hogan, and Roberto will appear in a forthcoming issue...which will also be on sale at the World Show in Poland in November.

Dortmund Show (Friday BIS Winner)

The Afghan Hound, owned by Robin Martial from Nantes in France.
Judged by Dr Wilfrid Peper (second from left).

President of the VDH Christopher Habig is pictured with the BIS trophy just behind the winner, with the Scottie second and Ferdi Dickman and his Pug, third. (This exhibitor won BIS last year with a dog from the Eastonite breeding from Amanda Ellis in the UK)

More details to follow this space on first with the news!

Best in Show (BIS)

DOGS NAME Zamp vom Thermodos
Owner: Dieterich Reinhard u. Woerner, Albrecht from Germany

Welsh Terrier
Joker von der Hohen Flur
Owner: Göthel J. u. B. fFrom germany

Wisdom's Destiny Challenger
Owner: Eriksson Nicklas u. Solberg-Eriksson, Ingunn from Sweden.

More details at

The Our Dogs Stand at Dortmund


Top Partner - Deutsche Bank