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Collie pups need you!

Collie puppy

Dogs Trust Salisbury Rehoming Centre is appealing for new homes for Roald, Balto and Aaron, three 6-month-old Collies who came into the centre as strays. The challenge for staff at the charity is finding just the right homes for these stunning pooches who need just the right type of collie care.

Roald is a tan-and-white dog who just loves interaction with people. He is very sociable, but he is still a little unsure about other dogs. His desire to please people means he's very responsive to training. He will make a very clever working dog or loving pet in an active home.

Balto is a beautiful black and white dog who is very loving and affectionate, both with people and with other dogs. He would also be very happy as a pet in an active household, or indeed as a working dog.

Aaron, also a black-and-white collie is possibly the most focussed of the three youngsters. He would make a really excellent working dog, but at the same time he is very friendly with people and other dogs which would make him a loyal and loving pet also.

Alison Rodger, manager of Dogs Trust Salisbury, comments: "Collies tend to be very intelligent dogs, and their history as a working breed means they need to have a home where they have a job to do. A bored Collie is going to find something to do, and in so doing he might just get himself in trouble! We're seeking experienced Collie owners for Roald, Balto and Aaron, so that they can fulfill their potential and live long, happy lives."

Each of these three puppies needs to be rehomed with someone who has experience of the breed and time to spend training their new puppy. Anyone interested in rehoming Roald, Aaron, or Balto should contact Dogs Trust Salisbury Rehoming Centre on 01980 629634.