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Can you help Zippy?

Zippy the Fox Terrier needs urgent veterinary treatment to enable her to walk properly, and the charity caring for her needs to raise £8,000 to pay for her vital surgery.

Zippy, who is aged around two years is in foster care with volunteers Pauline and Stevie from the 4Pawz&More Rescue. Zippy was ill treated by her previous owners who used her ‘like a football’ according to the rescue. Despite the horrific in juries to her back legs, Zippy is still a happy go-lucky dog and enjoys her new foster home, and ‘adores everyone and everything’ according to Stevie.

Sadly Zippy cannot play with her new friends a lot on account of her damaged legs and she has to rest a great deal, whilst also undergoing regular physiotherapy.

Zippy’s new ‘foster mums’ took her to the Royal Veterinary Hospital in London where they met with a consultant who said that the only way to give Zippy long-term quality of life was to operate on her legs. The operation will take 5 to 6 hours for each leg and involves cutting the bones and stretching the muscles and tendons to literally rebuild Zippy’s legs. She will need a lot of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment afterwards but this will help her to be able to use my legs better.

The charity helps many dogs each year from the UK & Ireland, but as Stevie, Pauline and their fellow helpers are all volunteers, they have no money to spare to pay the £8,000 needed for Zippy’s operation. Time is of the essence, as the consultant needs to operate as soon as possible – ideally before the end of October in order to correct Zippy’s problems in time. The charity aims to rehome Zippy to a permanent, loving home once she is healed.

Can you help Zippy’s foster mums in any way to raise some money to help her and the other dogs in their care? You may help by sending a donation or some goodies to sell in the charity’s shop.

Please contact Zippy & Friends Fund at / or 07951769118 / 01732840779