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Flying into Crufts? Launch of Animal Reception Centre at Bristol Airport

With Crufts just around the corner there’s good news for all those flying in to show their dogs at the biggest dog show in the world, Crufts, as Bristol airport now offers a fast and convenient travel alternative, with the recent launch of their Animal Reception Centre.

Bristol is the nearest airport to Birmingham NEC that accepts inbound pets so overseas exhibitors can look forward to reduced travelling time from the airport to Crufts (in comparison to London, Manchester or Doncaster), and also a faster turnaround of their pet’s delivery - within an hour of flight arrival.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary said: “With the number of overseas exhibitors increasing every year, having nearly doubled in the last three years, this really is good news. It’s the strength of the overseas presence that really helps put Crufts on the world map. We look forward to working with Bristol Airport to ensure the speedy transit of all dogs travelling to Crufts”.

To be able to travel, pets must first be microchipped so they can fly under the Defra approved Pets travel scheme with a passport and proof of all their required vaccinations.

Petlog, the Kennel Club’s pet identification service provides the opportunity to have your microchipped pets’ details logged on to the UK’s largest national pet id database, providing a 24/7 service. Petlog is also the only UK member of the European Pet Network, which groups several animal databases from various European Countries together, so should you lose your pet abroad you will still be able to call on help. For more information visit

If all the dogs’ details are approved on arrival, they can then be released immediately with no delays – no quarantine is required. The airport accepts dogs flying in from all over the USA and most parts of Europe including Cyprus, Malta and the Canary Islands.