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Lest We Forget: Endal and Allen raise awareness

THE ROYAL British Legion have, through their Poppy Fund, enabled the Allen and Endal partnership to keep on rolling for many more years to come.

Allen Parton, a Royal Navy Gulf war veteran, suffered a head injury in the 1991 war which left him with severe physical and mental trauma, wheelchair bound and with short and long term memory problems. Endal, who hardly needs an introduction these days, is his loyal helping hound, who has been enabling Allen every day for the last 10 years.

The RBL have replaced both of Allen's ageing manual and power wheelchairs. Allen said most people tend to think of the poppy appeal as a fund raising for those injured in the world wars but the appeal helps so many of those who have served in more recent conflicts and their families.

Allen told OUR DOGS: ‘I found my self faced with nearly a thousand pound repair bill on my nine year old power chair and the war pension does not stretch that far. I take Endal for his walks three times a day over the South Downs and my old wheelchair kept breaking down and had become so unreliable and in fact on one occasion I was left stranded for a couple of hours till help arrived.

‘In desperation I contacted the British legion on the Monday and asked for help, on the very next day I was visited by the welfare representative, on the Wednesday I was being measured up by an Occupational therapist for a new power chair. Then on the Thursday the manual wheelchair fitter visited me. The speed at which the RBL have moved to get me back on the move is breathtaking and really does show that they are very responsive to those in desperate need!’

Allen is impressed by this act of military efficiency, but being an ex-serviceman himself, is very aware that such efficiency is only possible due to the efforts of the dedicated and brave men and women involved in the services

Allen adds: ‘Every day in the press one reads of the casualties and fatalities being suffered by our servicemen and women. The effect on families and the injured can be catastrophic and the RBL through the Poppy Appeal can relieve so much suffering and hardship. Every penny that comes in to the poppy appeal makes such a real difference

‘So please.... please support this year's appeal and wear your poppy with pride. From my own personal – and personal - experience the public's support can make the difference to those struggling to survive to enable them to have a real quality of life.’