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‘Exploding dog’ used against US soldiers

A GROUP of Iraqi freedom fighters has admitted attacking U.S. forces just outside Baghdad by detonating explosives which were attached to a dog, according to disturbing images posted on the Internet recently.

The grainy footage, issued by the insurgent group, appears to show a dog sitting at the side of a road. As an American military vehicle slowed down, a large explosion originating from the dog occurs.

Iraq's Jihadi faction, which has carried out attacks on American and Iraqi forces, said it carried out the attack in the Abu Ghraib area, just West of Baghdad. It confirmed that it was targeting American forces.

The corpses of dogs stuffed with explosive material have been used in the past against forces stationed in Iraq. The technique is not a new one; in WWI the British army filled rat carcasses with plastic explosives when fighting German troops.

It is not currently known whether the dog was dead or alive before the explosives were detonated.