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Young GSDs still missing

TWO GERMAN Shepherd Dogs are still missing more than three months after disappearing from their owner’s garden in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Andrew Parnham, of Brierley, returned home on May 17 to discover a section of fencing broken down and the two dogs nowhere to be seen. He believes they had either been stolen or released by thieves planning to return at a later date

To add to the family’s distress, the dogs vanished just two weeks after the death of Andrew’s father, who had bought one of them as a present for his wife.

Andrew has provided the following information which he hopes will help recover his dogs: one is described as pure white with a black nose which has a small diagonal scar, 20 months old and wearing a cloth & chain blue check collar; the other is 11 months old, mainly black with tan legs and the odd tan patches. Both were in good condition.

A reward is offered for information leading to their safe return and anyone with any information is asked to contact Andrew by email: