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The Mighty Thor – doggy blood donor

MANY STORIES have been told about dogs coming to the rescue of people, but German Shepherd, Thor, has become a local hero in Stoke-On-Trent after donating his blood to the PDSA to save eight-and-a-half year-old Maltese Terrier, Buttons.

Buttons was taken to Stoke PDSA PetAid hospital by his owner, Norma Jackson, after he became withdrawn and was not eating. Tests revealed Buttons’ red blood cell count was extremely low, and PDSA vets suspected he had some form of poisoning.

It transpired that Buttons had got his mischievous paws on some of Norma’s anti-blood clotting tablets and swallowed one of them. PDSA vets tried to flush the toxins out of his system but despite their efforts Buttons remained gravely ill. But PDSA Veterinary Surgeon Liz Corbett who treated Buttons wasn’t going to give up on the gravely ill dog and decided that a blood transfusion was the only option to save Buttons. The Head Nurse at Stoke PDSA PetAid hospital, Andrea Wainwright who was off duty at the time, was contacted and told that a very ill pet patient needed the services of one very special individual–her four-year-old dog, Thor!

Meanwhile, Thor is bracing himself for his next life-saving mission. Andrea sid: "This was Thor’s fourth blood transfusion, so he knew exactly what to do and was very laidback during the procedure. He is aware he has done something worthy, as he hasn’t stopped being praised by everyone. He’s a true hero!"