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It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Marilyn, formerly of Pets Supplies & Bookworld Rugby.

Marilyn had been taken ill and admitted to hospital in Rugby in February. The diagnosis of Mesothelioma (lung cancer due to asbestos exposure) was made in late June. Marilyn fought a brave but painful battle and sadly could fight no longer. She passed away peacefully, with her family close by. She leaves two children Julie & Paul, and grandchildren, Rhiannon, Madison, Joel, Caitlin & Ethan, all of whom will miss her dearly.

Marilyn was married to Bryan and together they embarked on a full and interesting adventure when they bought their first Great Dane, "Mymaster of Oldmanor" (Baron to his friends) from the late Olive Davies. The dog shows became a way of life, their children, Julie & Paul also handled in the early years. Eventually the dog shows led to them opening Pets Supplies Rugby in the early 1970’s. They still had their Danes, along with various other breeds. Marilyn’s’ particular favourites were Tibetan Spaniels. Their dogs were loved dearly. Eventually the trade stands became their life and they had great times at the shows for many years.

They also tried their hand at breeding Great Danes, there was a particular incident which clearly portrayed Bryan’s sense of humour albeit at Marilyn’s’ expense, although she has laughed about it for many years since. They were attempting to mate "Baron" with his kennel mate "Chuckles". During proceedings Marilyn was asked to "open Chuckles’ mouth and see if she could see anything!" This she promptly did, much to the great delight of all concerned – except poor "Chuckles" who couldn’t understand why she was having her teeth inspected at such an inappropriate moment!!

Most people will remember Marilyn as a generous, fun loving lady who always had time to make you one of her famous "milky coffees" if you called at the house, or even on the trade stand. You could always rely on a warm welcome, the door was never closed. With this in mind Marilyn’s’ children Julie & Paul would like to say "Thank you" for all the friendships which have blossomed over the years, take your memories, share and enjoy them, Marilyn would like that.

Marilyn’s’ funeral will take place at St Oswald’s Church, Rugby, on Friday September 22nd 2006 at 10.45am. Followed by Cremation at Canley Crematorium at 12.15pm. Enquiries to the Heart of England Co-operative Funeral Services, 38 Bilton Rd, Rugby CV22 7AL. Tel 01788 576099.