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Canine Leishmaniasis - World authority to speak at seminar

For the first time ever a seminar on the subject on the deadly disease Canine Leishmaniasis is to be held on 28th October 2006, 2pm at the Hasland Hall, Hasland, Nr. Chesterfield.

Hosted by the Northern Maremma Association and supported by OUR DOGS, the seminar will be addressed by Dr R Killick-Kendrick MPhil, PhD, DSc, FiBiol, a world authority on Leishmaniasis. Dr Killick-Kendrick has agree to fly in from France to be a main guest speaker and will be supported by Anne Finch of Greyhounds in Need, who is very experienced with Canine Leishmaniasis because of her rescue work in Spain, and Charlotte Walsh, whose imported Maremma suffered the disease.

A disease of great importance to dog owners travelling to Mediterranean countries with their dogs on holiday, Canine Leishmaniasis can be fatal to dogs and is endemic in the south of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other semi tropical countries.

Thousands of dogs are travelling to and from the UK with the introduction of the Pet Passport Scheme not only for holidays but for exhibition and mating, it behoves us all to be aware of the scientific advances in the control and treatment of this disease.

The NMA believes that this health seminar will be an opportunity for everyone regardless of breed to learn the facts and we are honoured that.

As this is such an important subject demand for the limited number of tickets available is expected to be heavy. Contact Lesley Braund, Tel 01302 772128 or for more info email Tickets are priced at £5. Light refreshments included.