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Our Dogs welcomes Eukanuba

OUR commitment to ensuring our readers have the most up-to-date and comprehensive show reports service available has recently received an added boost, and we are extremely pleased to announce that Eukanuba has chosen to extend its current support to dog show exhibitors by branding our innovative and unique Our Dogs 2 Supplement, commencing this week.

Mr Mike Bloxsome, National Breeder Manager for Eukanuba, which already supports our extremely popular Junior Section, commented, ‘We are delighted to support such a vital service. The show scene revolves around the opinions of judges so their critiques are of paramount importance to exhibitors and therefore Our Dogs 2 is essential reading for genuine enthusiasts. Our involvement with Our Dogs serves to underline our commitment to breeders in the UK.’

The Our Dogs 2 pull out supplement was introduced to create an easy to follow, self-contained format, making critiques simple to find, whilst allowing the Our Dogs editorial team the opportunity to pack the maximum number of available critiques and key photos into every issue. Exhibitors love it!

‘Speed is of the essence and we understand just how eager our readers are to find out what the judge thought of their dog’‚ said Our Dogs Managing Director Vince Hogan.

‘The support of our new sponsor will ensure we can continue to supply the same unrivalled service and focal point for our readers. We are extremely pleased that Eukanuba shares our belief and commitment to the world of pedigree dogs,’ he said.

This superb pull out is the perfect add on to a paper which has kept pace with modern developments. In fact the whole of OD2 can now be viewed as a PDF on our web site and the site can also be used as a unique reference tool with over six years of show reports, breed notes and news archives in our members section.

No other canine newspaper offers this facility. End of story!