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Ch Phrosty Moon

I’m sad to report that Ch. Phrosty Moon was given sleep just a few days before Crufts.

He was only ten and a half, but had inoperable intestinal cancer and, despite the best efforts of our excellent vet, we had to make that final, awful decision as Frosty’s condition deteriorated. He was such a very special boy - a friend to everyone he met and so full of life. John called him his ‘fun dog’ because to Frosty everything was a laugh. It was impossible to be cross with him because he just wagged his tail and grinned ‘you don’t mean that do you?’

In a spectacular show career, spanning almost 9 years and starting with his title at 21 months of age, he won 32 CCs (doubling the previously accepted Breed Record). He was BOB at Crufts in 2000, 2001 & 2002 (another first in our breed) and was shortlisted in the group there on two occasions. He won a fourth CC there in 2004 - John judged in 2003. His 32 CCs yielded 26 BOBs and at least eight group placings and came from just 60 Ch. shows, under 31 different judges. He also won 10 Res CCs and his JW.

It’s some small consolation to know that his moving image is still with us in The Breed Video, where Lyn Westby demonstrates the Standard, using him as a model.

Barbara Blake