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Animal care leaflets free to download

The Pet Care Trust, the national charity that promotes the benefits of responsible pet ownership through pet care education and training, is making its animal care leaflets available free to the public as downloads from its website, to mark the entry into force of the Animal Welfare Act.

The range of 26 generic animal species leaflets have been in existence for many years and are regularly updated in line with the latest science and husbandry techniques. Developed with the help of pet care specialists who support the Trust’s work, they outline all key aspects of the animal’s care needs.

‘Our pet care leaflets were originally developed for pet retailers to give to customers who were considering which animal might suit their lifestyle, and to give to those who buy an animal’, said Meriel France, Education and Animal Care Manager at the Trust.‘But with the Animal Welfare Act introducing a legal duty of care on all pet owners and those responsible for caring for an animal, our trustees agreed we should share this expertise with the public in the spirit of there can’t be too many sources of good information.”