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Notts police dogs go Dutch

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE CONSTABULARY has become the latest police force in the UK to use foreign-bred German Shepherd Dogs. The force is now using Dutch bred dogs because they say that British ones are ‘not brave enough’.

Officers in the force's dog section have begun training Smudge, Arri, Mia and Inca from their first imported litter born in March last year. They expect to take more pups from another Dutch litter due to be born in nine weeks.

PC Pete Chapman, of the force's dog section, said: ‘British German Shepherds are generally show dogs. We have found they are lovely and loyal dogs, but not the bravest for some of the police work they need to be involved in. Every town and village in Holland has a dog club. It is a national passion even greater than our own. German Shepherds there are first and foremost working dogs who find it far easier to adapt to being police dogs.

‘We arranged for a Dutch dog and bitch to mate last year which produced nine pups. We kept four of those and the five others were sold to forces in other European countries. The four pups have started their initial training, being taught tracking and searching for property, and will go on an intensive 13-week course in September.

‘The cost of breeding in Holland is also cheaper than in the UK so as well as getting better quality police dogs, we are getting very good value for money’. Notts police dog section can be contacted via: 0115-967 0999.