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Surprise Wedding At Bulldog Show

The Junior Bulldog Club held it’s annual open show at St Leonards Chruch Hall, Watlington, Oxon on 1st April 2007. The judge for the day was American breed specialist Mr Walter L Bloom (Hagars) who had initially been invited to judge our championship show but unfortunately fell foul of the Kennel Club’s age rule by a few months but still sportingly accepted our open show appointment.

However, this show was special for completely other reasons. The daughter of one of the JBC’s long time members, Kelly Wells, contacted Secretary Malcolm Presland and asked if Committee would agree to a special surprise being sprung on her parents Michael and Linda Stutter (Linmist) during the show. April 1st was their 40th wedding anniversary and as a surprise Kelly and brother Barry thought it would be a nice touch to bring in a vicar (in fact the one who married Kelly and her husband) to renew Linda and Michael’s vows at the show. Yes that would be no problem and by some miracle the Committee also managed to keep the secret.

The aim was to have the service during the break but a delay in the arrival of the Reverend Donald Minchew meant that a break was announced after Minor Puppy bitch, when instead of calling in the next class, myself as steward called in to the ring a shocked Linda and Michael Stutter.

On behalf of the JBC Secretary Malcolm Presland presented the still stunned couple with a super bouquet of flowers and a special commemorative rosette made and donated by Awardboard Rosettes. The surprise didn’t end there for the happy couple as in trouped the Rev Minchew, Kelly Wells and brother Barry Stutter, granddaughter and Bulldog Linmist Xfactor all dressed in their wedding finery.

A full renewal of wedding vows was undertaken and this ended with huge applause from the packed ringside. Afterwards a cake was cut and shared with everyone present. The judging commenced again and Walter Bloom found his BIS in Sandra and Peter Davies Kismond Pacific Sunset JW and his BPIS in Judith and Brian Daws Outdoors Bombshell Billy. We think we may have scored a ‘first’ at the Junior with our ‘wedding’ unless of course you know different!

Mel Vincent