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Pensioner and dog reunited

Pensioner Shirley Hudson had given up all hope of seeing her beloved dog again after she went missing over a year ago.

But thanks to Battersea Dogs’ Home, the 71 year old from Dagenham has just been reunited with her 18 year old mongrel, who had been missing for 14 months.

Mrs Hudson was very upset when her dog Peanut disappeared from just outside her house at Christmas in 2005. The circumstances of Peanut’s disappearance remain a mystery - like many times before she had been let out of the front door, but this time she never returned. However, one of Mrs Hudson’s grandchildren, 16 year old Tia, had on several occasions seen a man walking Peanut around town with a rope attached to her collar.

Despite the sightings, and as Peanut is quite old, Mrs Hudson didn’t think she would ever see her beloved pet again. This month a member of the public found Peanut wandering in a Tesco car park in Barking and immediately handed her into the police, who in turn, took her to Battersea Dogs’ & Cats’ Home. Thankfully, Peanut had been microchipped, which enabled Battersea to immediately reunite the dog with her owner.