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WAG look for a change to sale of goods act

THE ANTI-PUPPY farm organisation WAG is looking for a change in the law to combat the problems caused by puppy farmers. The group is targeting the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and is calling upon Government Ministers to update key areas of the Act.

WAG say it is not their intention to bog down the country with yet more legislation but feel that too often many puppy farmers can escape justice or making recompense as the law is dedicated more to goods than to animals.

Ken McKie, Secretary of WAG said ‘As a group we do not wish to proliferate more legislation but we feel that this section of legislation badly needs reviewed. At present anyone buying a puppy requires to make a complaint and have it fully investigated within one year of date of purchase. However many puppies can bear poor resemblance to the breed in question and it is only after a period of time that this may become obvious to the purchaser.

‘Also in many ways to comply with the law the seller only requires to take the property back and give a full refund. These are sufficient and merit worthy when it comes to a toaster or cooker but not when you are dealing with a living, breathing animal, especially when many families may have already built a bond with the animal.

‘In this call for the change to the law we will be hoping that other animal welfare groups take up this challenge with us. For Scotland we should remember that there are elections due and perhaps it is time for the electorate to challenge those standing for election as to their position on all animal related matters. We must remember that votes do count!’