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WDPA success

Adolf Cabane of Spain (President) pictured with OUR DOGS’ Managing Director, Vince Hogan

Belgian Karl Donvil had a dream. For years, European journalists working within the purebred fancy tended to face a hardscrabble existence. Favours and privileges were few and far between, and more often than not, what working opportunities there were often took a back seat to those in the mainstream press.

Enter Donvil, whose goal was to bring reporters and photographers in front of prominent international kennel organisations, and raise the level of media professionalism on both sides. The first general meeting came to order in Amsterdam that year, and boasted many top correspondents.

The next half decade saw a definite upswing; an increasingly cohesive membership gradually drew more positive attention from show organisers, and working conditions improved accordingly. Donvil's gritty determination paid off. Today, the WDPA is recognised as an international non-profit organisation, with over three hundred members providing representation on every continent. The association is now respected and well received, with 'regulars' attending virtually every important international event from Amsterdam to Westminster.

On March 10th the WDPA held its first Board elections at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, in conjunction with the Crufts show.

From a number of nominees, six were chosen, with the intent that two should represent North America, three the Continent, and one to take care of other area concerns. All will serve four-year terms; Adolf Cabane of Spain (President), Yossi Guy from Israel (Vice-President), Austria's Paul Cech (International and General Public Relations) and Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen of Finland (International Relations / Kennel Clubs and related areas). Fellow Canadians Clive Davies (Recording Secretary) and Dawne Deeley (Newsletter and Member Correspondence)