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‘Ambassadors of the Wild’ - the Work of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Members of the UK Wolf Conservations Trust with the Trust's two 'Ambassador Wolves'

ON FRIDAY 11th May 2007 at 7.30pm the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, along with the special appearance of two ‘ambassador’ wolves, will be launching a new exclusive film at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington, London.

The film, narrated by Greg Wise, is about the work of this ‘not for profit’ educational organisation who have three packs of socialised wolves, where you can experience the rare opportunity to walk with wolves. It includes insights about the life of the wolves at the centre and features details about the projects supported across Europe, helping to keep wolves in the wild.

The UKWCT was formed in 1995 to ensure wolf conservation through changing the attitudes and actions of people through education and allowing people to interact with our ambassador wolves. The Trust has nine wolves, European and North American, which are kept in spacious enclosures where they are able to behave in as natural a way as possible but who due to their upbringing are happy to meet visitors. In order to change perceptions and allow people to see the majesty of such animals, members of the Trust travel with the wolves to country fairs and shows throughout the summer, along with visits to schools and colleges. At weekends, members can attend wolf walks with the Trust’s ambassador wolves.

In addition, the UKWCT has a new Education Centre where programmes of educational activities are held for both children and adults during the weekdays.

The Trust is currently supporting three nominated projects in Croatia, Bulgaria and Russia, assisting in the education and acceptance of existing wolf populations.

Tickets to this exclusive premiere cost £20 (£10 student offer).Telephone: 0118-971 3330 Website: