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Dog-fighter jailed

A Birmingham man who turned part of his home into a dog-fighting arena has been jailed for four months by Birmingham Magistrates last Friday.

Adio Clarke, 28, of Holly Road, Handsworth, admitted keeping 11 pit bull terriers and causing unnecessary suffering to three of them.

He also admitted owning a dog-fighting venue and had one animal seized at his house which had 157 separate wounds while another had an ear almost severed and a broken pelvis.
An animal welfare expert said the injuries were consistent with having been caused by dog fighting.

Nick Sutton, prosecuting, said Clarke could not take the animals to a vet to receive proper treatment for their injuries, because they were an illegal breed under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. Instead Clarke had treated the injuries himself, contributing to the dogs' suffering.

When officers raided Clarke's home in April 2006, they found six pit bulls chained up in the garden and more dogs inside the house.

The court also saw a homemade video found at Clarke's home, showing two dogs attacking each another while being urged on by onlookers.

District Judge Neil Davison said that Clarke’s case was aggravated by his previous record for assault, robbery and possession of firearms. He said the offence was so serious only a prison sentence was appropriate.