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Failed chip leaves dog in France

Coco playing in the sea at Le Touquet, France,
before she was refused entry back into the UK

A family returning from holiday in France were heartbroken when they had to leave their beloved dog behind.

Chocloate Labrador Coco was refused entry back into the UK due to a failed microship.
Jane and Richard Birtwistle from Bury were set to board the Eurotunnel back home when the problems started.

After the microchip failed to scan, the couple made a desperate dash to Dunkirk to persude a vet to remove the chip so it could be scanned. But despite their best effforts, the chip still failed to scan and authorities were unable to verify the dog’s idenity.

Ironically, after seeking advice from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Jane had taken the two-year-old dog to their local vets for a last-minute health check to make sure the microchip was working before they left for France.

Mr & Mrs Birtwistle and their nine month old son Joshua now face an agonising six month wait before they can bring Coco home.