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Charity urges action to reduce the number of strays

DOGS TRUST urges owners to take action to reduce stray dog numbers, as a survey finds 100,000 dogs strayed last year.

Dogs Trust says dog owners must take more responsibility if the stray dog problem is to be tackled, and dogs are to be saved from unnecessary death.

A report conducted by GfK NOP on behalf of Dogs Trust, , shows that 101,586 stray dogs were found in the UK last year, and 7,743 dogs were destroyed for want of a home (although some dogs needed to be put to sleep due in injury or untreatable ill-health).


At the current rate of decline, it will take 350 years until the stray dog problem is a thing of the past.

While this represents a small reduction from the previous year, Dogs Trust says dog owners must help tackle the problem by having their dog neutered to stop litters of unwanted puppies.

The charity has an extensive campaigns programme to promote neutering and microchipping, and in the last year alone, has invested over £3m in neutering and microchipping in the worst affected areas in the UK.