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Entlebuchers converge on the hills of Stafford!

THE FIRST meeting of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain took place last Saturday August 11th.

Entlebuchers owners from all over country converged at Stafford to meet each other for the first time and swap notes on the breed. The amiable, friendly nature of the Entlebucher was evident as the dogs played off- lead together followed by a walk and picnic in the sunshine. Several Greater Swiss Mountain dogs were also present and romped happily alongside their smaller relatives.

The Entlebucher is the smallest if the four Swiss mountain dogs the other three being the well-known Bernese, the Appenzeller and the Greater Swiss. All come for the mountainous regions of Switzerland where their original uses were companion dogs, herding live stock and pulling carts of produce to market.

A typical Entlebucher has a compact and stocky build with a height up to 50cm and a short tricoloured coat. The breed demonstrates excellent stamina and speed hence its use for tracking, search and rescue, agility and flyball. Their medium size, easy coat and sociable nature also make them a popular family dog.

Although an established breed in Europe the Entlebucher arrived in the UK in 2003 and is currently on the KC’s Import Breed Register. Growth and interest in the breed has been steadily increasing, with this year seeing the arrival of several new imports from Europe with more to come next year.

For inquiries or information on both breeds please contact Lucy Denman at: Tel: 01952 813006