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KC launches Judges’ Development programme

The Kennel Club has developed a new programme designed to ensure that every prospective and existing Panel Judge receives the quality assured education they need.

The Judges Education Programme consists of a Guide to Field Trial Judges, a seminar script which provides a commentary on the the ‘J’ Regulations specifically relevant to each sub-group, and a Handbook for Approved Presenters.

Although it is generally expected that judges will have made themselves thoroughly familiar with the regulations before they accept an invitation to judge a Field Trial, it has become clear that this expectation has not been fulfilled on some occasions. As a result the Judges Education Programme has been developed. This will confirm to those assessing candidates for the panels, and competitors at Field Trials, that the judges have established their knowledge of, and competence to apply, the regulations.

To become an Approved Presenter it is necessary for prospective candidates to attend a presentation at the Kennel Club where the seminar script for the relevant sub-group is presented.  Thereafter, the candidates will sit an examination consisting of 40 questions on the ‘J’ Regulations and related topics referred to in the presentation. 

Those who pass will then be invited to come into the Kennel Club to make a short presentation on a section of the seminar script and guide selected by the candidate, to enable an assessing panel to establish each candidate’s competence to deliver the presentation.  If the candidate passes this final stage then they will become an Approved Presenter.

The names of those achieving Approved Presenter status will be published in the Field Trials newsletter and Kennel Gazette from time to time, and a list will be available on request.
Having achieved Approved Presenter status, successful candidates may present the programme at their own seminars.

It is also hoped that Clubs will take up the opportunity to arrange seminars to allow their members and others to benefit from a presentation.  All the necessary paperwork is provided by the Kennel Club to the Approved Presenter in advance and financial arrangements are at the discretion of Club and presenter.

Those who attend the presentation will have the opportunity to sit the examination on that day, and those who pass will receive a Certificate from the Kennel Club confirming that they have attended the programme and achieved a pass.  Those who unfortunately do not pass first time will be welcome to try again.

Initially, there will be no compulsion for anyone to attend the programme, although of course it will be of advantage to any candidate for the judging panels to be able to establish their knowledge of the regulations by holding a Certificate.  In future it is likely to become a requirement of approval for a panel that the candidate holds a Certificate.