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Muzzle all dogs call by MP

OUTSPOKEN MP George Galloway has called for all dogs in the UK to be muzzled.

The former Labour Party MP, who is now Respect Party MP for Bow and Bethnal Green, East London failed to show any respect to dog owners when he declared his intention to introduce a Bill making it compulsory to muzzle all dogs in public and has called for several breeds of ‘dangerous dog’ to be banned.

The Kennel Club condemned the MP’s comments, saying that his colourful and provocative language and his plan to call for a ban on ‘several more’ breeds of dog, was an affront to the overwhelming majority of dog owners in the UK, who understand the responsibility that dog ownership brings.

In an interview with TalkSport on 6th August, Caroline Kisko, the Kennel Club Secretary, was invited to join programme presenter Galloway in his discussion on Staffordshire Bull Terriers and his call for an outright ban on the breed. The interview was prompted by the shocking attack on a girl in Plymouth by a dog last weekend.

Numerous listeners called in to support the Kennel Club’s stance, which is that a dog’s behaviour is the responsibility of the owner, and a whole breed cannot be blamed, judged, or condemned for the action of one dog.

Caroline Kisko commented: ‘Mr Galloway’s suggestions are ill considered and would do very little to prevent further attacks. The only issue here is that of irresponsible dog ownership, something of which the Kennel Club is more than aware. We run two active schemes, the Good Citizen Dog Scheme and the Safe and Sound Scheme, both of which are aimed at combating any potential danger for people around dogs, and encouraging responsible dog ownership.’

Meanwhile an Ambulance Service Child Protection Officer Bill Clowery of the South Western Ambulance Service has called for action following a an attack by a dog on a young girl.

Quoted in the Dorset Echo, Mr Clowery commented: ‘How far do we go before something is done? We have to stop it happening again. I personally think all dogs in public areas should be muzzled. If there is a risk of children getting hurt, we have to prevent it.

Once the child has been bitten, they are likely to be scarred for life. They won't forget about it. The safety of children is paramount and we have to protect them.’

by Nick Mays,
Chief Reporter