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Church blessing in memory of Greyhounds

AS PART of International Greyhound Remembrance Weekend, the Greyhound welfare group Action for Greyhounds UK held a special Church blessing service, at St. Nicholas Church, Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The ceremony was officiated over by Minister Captain Paul McDonough. Prayers, blessing, and a 'roll call' was read out of the racing names of greyhounds that supporters had been made aware of, that had suffered fatal injuries during 2006 at Yarmouth stadium.

This was followed by a minute’s silence to remember the millions of greyhounds that suffer and die annually worldwide. A 'celebration' and 'blessing' was then given by lighting the 'Easter' candle, and naming each rescued greyhound attending individually, and for all the other saved dogs that couldn't be present.

Following the service and blessing, a procession to the sea front with rescued greyhounds, owners, placards and banners, was undertaken. A poem was then read out by a 10 year old supporter, followed by an act of 'commitment' officiated by Minister McDonough, and by all those attending, to continue campaigning to eradicate and end the holocaust of suffering and death which the racing industry is responsible for worldwide. The procession then made its way back to St. Nicholas Church, where support and encouragement was received by passing members of the public.

Approximately 60 people attended together with other rescued dogs, and numerous rescued greyhounds. Some people travelled long distances, to join local people, and to participate in this International event.