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PDSA search for UK’s oldest pet

We’ve all heard the saying that life begins at 40, and the same seems to be true for our beloved pets - in pet years, anyway - says leading veterinary charity, PDSA.

Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and pet healthcare, more pets than ever before are living to a ripe old age creating a burgeoning society of pet pensioners, or Old Age Pets.
PDSA data shows that one in ten cats and dogs treated by PDSA vets are aged between 11 and 14 years, suggesting that our pets are living life to the full!

To help build an even bigger ‘pawprint’ of the UK’s ageing pet population, PDSA has launched an online pet pensioners survey to find the oldest surviving pet. So, if your senior pet is still going strong, complete the online questionnaire at

Last year the oldest animals found by PDSA were a 20-year-old Jack Russell dog from the North East and a 21-year-old cat from Northern Ireland, both of which had an equivalent human age of around 90 years.