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Blanket appeal for flood hit centre

Dogs Trust Evesham Rehoming Centre is appealing to dog fans to donate blankets after the Centres’ supply was damaged in recent floods.

Dogs Trust Evesham was hit by flooding over a week ago after 25 of the Centre’s 150 rescue dogs had to be evacuated in animal ambulances to other Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres nearby at Kenilworth and Roden. Members of staff were also trapped at the Centre overnight on the weekend of 21/22 July. It was fortunate that no dogs or staff were hurt or injured but sadly the Centres’ supply of blankets was damaged in the flooding and they are now appealing for new ones to replace them.

Chris Slight, the Rehoming Centre Manager, says: ‘Fortunately we weathered the storm but our blankets didn’t fare so well. Some of these dogs have not had the best start to life and a clean blanket gives them a warm and cosy bed to rest in, providing a much needed sense of security.’
The Rehoming Centre does receive donated blankets but caring for more than 150 dogs at any one time, they can never have too many. If you are interested in donating to the kennel mates at the centre, please contact Dogs Trust Evesham Rehoming Centre directly on 01386-830613.