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Royal Canin teams up with animal cancer trust

Royal Canin is proud to support the Animal Cancer Trust, and is now working with the charity whose aims are to help raise awareness of the disease in our pets, promote early detection, facilitate ethical research and improve the understanding and treatment of animal cancers.
Some 1.7 million dogs and 2.3 million cats are likely to be affected by cancer, yet there are currently less than ten RCVS recognised specialists in veterinary oncology in the UK.

The Animal Cancer Trust, in partnership with Royal Canin, will publish a series of information leaflets and educational posters for display in veterinary practices and also available for kennels and catteries, grooming parlours, dog and cat clubs and associations. These will highlight the main warning signs that a cancer might be present, so that both professionals and pet owners can respond early - a vital element in diagnosing and treating cancer.

Royal Canin is also supporting a series of sponsored dog walks taking place countrywide, called ‘Take the Lead’, full details of which are due to be announced shortly.

Gill Furniss, Royal Canin Veterinary Director, says: ‘With pets living much longer, cancer is becoming an increasingly common disease, and yet there is still very little specialist assistance in this area. We are delighted to be working with the Animal Cancer Trust, and hope to be announcing other initiatives shortly.’ Welcoming Royal Canin’s support, Karen Pearson, Chief Executive of the Animal Cancer Trust, says: ‘With Royal Canin as a partner we will now be able to move forward positively to achieve our primary goal of fighting cancer in our pets.’