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Dogs sniff out pirate DVD factory

Sniffer dogs Lucky and Flo have helped shut down a factory in Malaysia that was producing pirated films, according to the Motion Picture Association (MPA) trade body.

About 18,000 discs were seized from the premises near Kuala Lumpur, including illegal copies of The Simpsons Movie.

Lucky and Flo - the first dogs trained to sniff out counterfeit discs - were involved in the operation, which led to the detention of four men.

Since March, 26 arrests have been made following raids involving the dogs. In the last six months, more than 1.6 million discs have been recovered by Malaysian authorities during operations involving the labradors.

In an effort to thwart the dogs, the suspected pirates had piled 300 sacks of strong-smelling fertiliser outside the factory.

The black Labradors have been so successful that local media said movie pirates had offered a bounty to anyone who eliminated the dogs.

The pairs' stint in Malaysia is expected to end in August. Malaysia plans to form its own canine anti-piracy unit early next year.