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Obituary - John Creed

I first met John Creed and his wife Pam in the very early eighties at the Portman Hunt Terrier Show in Dorset. I believe John was judging and I was showing my Russells.

In 1983 I was told that there was an imminent proposal being presented to the Kennel Club for the recognition of the little Jacks and hit on the idea of re-forming the old PJRT Club in order to put in an application for registration of the type of terrier so beloved by the Rev. John Russell. The obvious person to chair that inaugural meeting was John, he not only understood the methods of the Kennel Club but had worked terriers for years. The Meeting took place at the Limpley Stoke Hotel, near Bath in November 1983. John was elected Chairman, I, the Secretary and the late Pauline Hancock the Treasurer.

For the next seven years John and Pam worked tirelessly for the Club and it is certain that without their expertise our terrier would not have been recognised by the Kennel Club as early as 1990. In March 1995 John resigned as Chairman due to ill-health and became a vice-president. He made a remarkable recovery from that serious illness and was soon back in circulation, being his usual helpful self. While John was Chairman he only missed two meetings and that through illness. After the death of Barry Jones, who had been our President for some years, John was elected President in March 2000, a position he held until his death. Even though his health in later years was failing he continued to attend committee meetings and shows whenever her was able.
John did so much in the background, so many of his attributes went unnoticed. He was a West Country farmer through and through with a tremendous understanding of the land and all the things appertaining to country life. He was a very successful farmer as well as having a great interest in working terriers. He never thrust his knowledge but was always ready to give advice when asked. His death is a great loss to the Club and we shall miss his wisdom, generous spirit and friendship greatly.

We all send our condolences to Pam and their family on their very sad loss.

Ruth Hussey Wilford
PRT Club