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Bella Moss month

THE BELLA moss foundation is a charity helping animals suffering from MRSA and has been in existence since April 2005.

For a whole month, dog owners can help the Bella Moss Foundation to remember Bella, the first recorded dog to die of the human strain of MRSA in August 2004, and in doing so, help all animals suffering with MRSA

Jill Moss, President and Founder of The Bella Moss Foundation, said, ‘Bella, after whom we named The Foundation, died three years ago this August. In 2005 we held a memorial day, and all of the animals that we had helped visited Bella's garden to plant a tree in her memory and celebrate their recovery of MRSA. Last year we did not have a public event but we know that many people remembered Bella and the circumstances that led to the creation of The Foundation. This year, we are asking people to do something active in Bella’s memory.

‘Over the last two-and-a-half years we have achieved a huge amount, including the First International Conference on Animals and MRSA, and a programme of educational seminars for vets and vet nurses, but for all of this to happen we need everyone’s help.’

There are many ways of helping The Foundation, and these can be found at the charity’s website:

Moss added: ‘The ways of around your local community, telling People About Our work perhaps recruit members to the foundation, or by organise a local fundraising event such as a sponsored walk, pub quiz. Get in touch and we will offer suggestions.

‘MRSA is not a death sentence’ says Moss. ‘If it is detected in time. Over the past year The Foundation has made great strides in raising the awareness of MRSA among dog owners and we want to carry on this work so that all companion animals can benefit.’

*Anybody who wants more advice or information should contact Jill Moss for all the details by emailing her at or calling 07860 879079