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Confusion surrounding Shar Pei club

Confusion surrounds the Shar Pei club of GB after more than £2,000 went missing from the club’s account.

John Banbury was an independent chair of a special meeting called last week. His report concluded that invoices were missing, cheque stubs were not filled in and a series of blank cheques were being signed over to the treasurer Cath Davies by secretary Heather Sweeting.
In his report Mr Banbury stated that the sum of £2042.99 had been misappropriated by the treasurer and not repaid by 31st January of this year. However, on 30th April someone transferred £2753.00 to repay the amount plus an extra £711.00 to cover any discrepancies.

It is understood Cath Davies is no longer in the post and chairman Jennie Baker will act as treasurer until a replacement is found. Mrs Davies and Mrs Baker were unavailable for comment.
Mr Banbury refused to comment on the circumstances that surrounded the meeting. Mrs Sweeting also refused to comment although she confirmed she is no longer secretary of the club but continues as vice-president.

President Jane Lilley said there had been a ‘blip’ but the funds had been replaced and the matter was now resolved.