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Rescued dog bites back

A coastguard was bitten as he rescued a Jack Russel stranded on cliffs in Devon.

Exmouth Coastguard rescue team was called out to the scene as reports came in that a dog had been seen on the cliff tops.

Gary Coles needed hosptial treatment for wounds caused by the terier called Scrappy as he rescued him from the cliffs at Sandy Bay, near Exmouth, Devon.

This incident followed on from a rescue of a Poodle called Freya from the Highland of Orcombe, by Coastguard rescue officer Matt Blower.

Freya was out for a walk with her owners when she ended up 50ft over the cliff.

Fred Caygill, Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: ‘Given that there have been over 100 rescues with their owners this year, we would like to remind owners of dogs that when they are walking them near cliff edges to keep them on a lead. Please do not put yourselves at risk to rescue your pets, call the Coastguard by dialling 999.’