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Poodle scam warning

A Poodle breeder has warned others who may be approached by a woman who offers cash for bogus pedigree papers.

Ann Charming-Moor was horrified when she recieved an email from a woman who had bought a Poodle from a local pet shop and wanted to pretend it was from one of Ann’s litters in exchange for cash.

At the time Ann had a litter of Poodles advertised on the KC’s puppy list. ‘I was outraged’ said Ann who lives in Bracknell, Berkshire.

‘I sent a reply to the woman to tell her exactly what I thought of her request and that neither I nor any other reputable breeder would ever consider doing such a thing. Not only is it ethically wrong but it is also fraud’.

The woman replied to the email apologising for any offence she may have caused.